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We live to offer you with the most eventual East African Safari memorable experience You can choose to visit all the countries in the or see them individually the choice is yours. Even when you seek out for the gorilla safari in Uganda and Rwanda or wonder at the incalculable national parks of Uganda, Rwanda ,Kenya and Tanzania. You find that one visit to this region is not enough!

Our potency is in arranging Birding tourschimpanzee and Gorilla tracking safaris as well as general wildlife safaris

The further you are acquainted with information about a destination and the conditions you can expect on your Wildland Adventure, the more you will enjoy your experience. We invite you to call our destination specialists on any numbers on the contact page so that we can answer any questions or concerns. The information below will also help you prepare for the thrilling experience ahead and enable you to get the very most from your trip.

Uganda is a non-coastal country magnificently positioned on the northern shoreline of L. Victoria in the Hub of Africa. Located at the geographical heart of the African Continent, Uganda’s society is still principally rural with 80% of the population living in rural areas. Customary traditions and routines are still alive in many parts of the country, which flavors to the tourists experience. Uganda is inimitable in a way that it has various groups of people and each group has its unique traditional customs, artifacts, and many colorful ceremonies. Say for example, The Bagisu of Mbale are commonly known for circumcision known as imbalu, most of the tribes have their own dances like the Runyege dance of the Banyoro, Ntogoro of Batooro, Dingi dingi of the Acholi, Runyege of the Batooro , to list but a few. The traditional marriages are a must see, while the ways of dressing are worth a display. Uganda has long been a cultural melting pot as evidenced by the existence of 30- plus different indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of music, art and handicrafts. Uganda’s most antique inhabitants set to hilly southwest are the Batwa and Bambuti Pygmies found around the western corners of Uganda. Far in the North Eastern Uganda is the presence of the Karamajongs- the conservative pastoralists whose life style is reminiscent of the popular Masai in Kenya, The introduction ceremonies are also a must see .Visitors are often welcome to observe any of the traditional ceremonies of the country, although as a courtesy, tourists should always seek permission before taking photograph.


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